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Variable Imaging

Printing with a Personal Touch

Make the most of every impression by printing precisely the content that is required -- no more, no less.

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The Variable Imaging process

Variable Imaging, short for Variable Data Imaging (VDI), is used to transform unformatted data into presentable reports or transactional documents such as utility bills, tax notices, and statements of account. A simpler example of VDI is a mail-merge for the purpose of a direct mail advertising campaign.

Other uses of VDI include simple numbering (for example, unique coupon codes or PURLs) or even randomizing some aspect of document (for example, a randomized voting ballot or a randomized flourish on a business card). In these cases, the "variable" data need not be customer-supplied, but can be generated on-the-fly.

If these documents are destined to be printed, we call it Variable Data Printing (VDP).

Why VDP?

If you can do it with print, there's a good chance you can do it better with Variable Data Print. Your clientele will appreciate it, as well as your chequebook and the environment.

  • VDP can augment, and sometimes replace, blind admail campaigns with addressed admail campaigns using post cards, flyers, etc. This ensures the right message reaches the right people, minimizing waste and cost.

  • VDP can increase the response rate on these admail campaigns by including meaningful personalization.

  • VDP is required for printing of transactional items, which can be used as a very personalized advertising medium.