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self directed learning


protect workers' health
enhance workplace safety

Whether you need to train new or current employees, training manuals are the most productive and efficient method for teaching and learning about WHMIS and TDG

Manuals are professionally designed to capture and keep the attention of the user.
Thoughtfully laid out graphics and images.
Printed in full colour.
Content written with the user in mind.
Training workbooks not only capture the user's attention, they also keep them focused, beginning to end.

Manuals are intended for the long-haul.
They will stand-up to rough handling, so employees can take the information they need with them on the job. It's a smart and practical solution for recalling specific information, on the fly,

Manuals ensure comprehension and retention of information.
Users are quizzed at key moments as they proceed through each chapter to ensure comprehension and retention of facts learned. With the help of an answer key in the appendices, your employees can be sure they can seek clarification, when needed, and comprehend the learning material in preparation for a Final Test. 



Do you have employees with practical knowledge and interest in workplace safety?  They would be ideally suited to take on the role of instructing co-workers.

Our all-inclusive trainer package provides the incoming trainer with fundamental and precise knowledge of WHMIS regulations, as well as tips and advice on how to present the training. After passing a final test, the employer issues a Certificate of Training to the new trainer, authorizing him/her to train co-workers on behalf of the company.

* TDG Instructor Manual is on back order. Please contact us for shipping details.  


Trainer Package includes:

  • Instructor Training Manual

  • Administrator Package (Instructor Final Exam, Answer Key, Certificate of Training)

  • Power Point Presentation (Teaching Aid)

  • Pocketbook handouts for students to serve as a refresher and summary for future reference (5 books/package)