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What is your shipping policy?

Orders will be processed within 3 to 4 business days from date of order.
If there is a delay in shipping we will notify you immediately by e-mail.
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Is the training recognized by the government?

Health Canada (WHMIS) and Transport Canada (TDG) have no standards established and do not examine or certify training material offered commercially, whether it's printed material or online training.

It is the responsibility of the employer to decide what type of training is best for their workers and which supplier they trust and choose.


How is the instructor package used?

In-coming trainers, assigned by their employer to teach WHMIS and/or TDG to co-workers, use the Instructor Manual to learn and to prepare for a final exam. After successfully passing the exam with a minimum grade of 80%, the employer issues a certificate of training, authorizing the employee to teach co-workers on behalf of the company.

All trainer packages consist of

  • a training manual for self-directed learning
  • a Final Exam, Answer Key and Certificate for administrators
  • a Power Point presentation as teaching aid for new trainers
  • a Poster for display at the workplace

The manual includes

  • examples of accidents and their causes, involving chemicals (WHMIS training), or transportation/handling of dangerous goods (TDG training)
  • checklists for preparing the training
  • tips and suggestions on how to present and conduct training sessions

To facilitate teaching, Instructor Manual and PowerPoint Presentation are synchronized with the Student Workbook .


do workers need additional training for the old WHMIS System?

Though the new WHMIS 2015 System introduces changes brought on by the Globally Harmonized System, much has stayed the same.
Our training material teaches everything your employees need to know about WHMIS in general, and about the changes that have been made. After successfully completing the training, they will have a detailed understanding of both the old and new WHMIS system.



Neither the TDG nor WHMIS training certificate can be transferred from one employer to another. If you change employment, your future employer needs to provide you with new training and a new Certificate.